Bolivia: Illimani


The travel video covers in 40 minutes a quick tour in Bolvia in search of the vestiges of the Inca civilization. Our intention was to show an interesting and pretty intense itinerary, which we were able to cover in about 12 days. We wanted to shoot a travelogue, a long form documentary about this particular trip making it different from the regular documentaries you may see on TV. We covered a lot of ground in the narration associated with the film: from history to legends, architecture and traditions, customs and religions we tried as much as possible to approach most of the issues you encounter in such a trip.

The travel in Bolivia is pretty well organized. Transportation is widely available and all the archeological sites are easily accessible.  
The main obstacle in traveling to Bolivia is the altitude, and in spite that it can be fixed with matte de coca, there are still many dangerous cases of AMS.

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Illimani” brings the viewer to Bolivia where we stop in Copacabana for a visit to its white cathedral. We continue to La Paz where we visit Tiahuanaco museum and Mercado de Artesanias with its Witch Market further going to famous archeological site of Tiahuanaco. Our tour in Bolivia ends in Valle de la Luna, several miles out of La Paz. ©2005

La Paz, Tiahuanaco, Valle de la Luna

40' - DVD - $34.95