Burma: Golden Land


This travel video is a 25 minutes quick survey of Burma or as is currently known, Myanmar. It takes the viewer to the temple-ridden plains of Bagan, one of the most mysterious and sacred places of South East Asia, to the beautiful Innle Lake located in the middle of the Shan States, populated by the most diverse minorities in South East Asia, to the imperial cities surrounding the exotically named Mandalay, to the precariously hanging pagoda/rock of Kyaktiko ending in Yangon's deeply spiritual Swedagon Paya, one of the most interesting religious architectural complexes in the world. We covered a lot of ground in the narration associated with the film: from history to legends, architecture and the zen traditions, customs and religions we tried as much as possible to approach most of the cultural issues you encounter in such a trip.

The travel video is the result of a lot of research and documentation we did before we left to Burma, but also of a lot of information we got on site, talking to people or listening to the stories coming from the locals. We shot a lot of footage and we ended up editing it to make a very pleasant and attractive presentation.

If you have any intention to visit these areas or other parts of Burma, or if you know for sure that you will never get there, watching this film will bring you the experience of being half there.

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Burma: Golden Land

Burma: Golden Land

Burma: Golden Land: A mesmerizing 25 minutes travel over the entire land of the golden spires, Burma, taking the viewer to the temples of Bagan, the minorities of Innle Lake in the Shan States, to Mandalay and its surrounding imperial cities, the hanging rock of Kyaktiko and the spellbinding Swedagon Paya in Rangoon,Yangon.© 2012

25 minutes

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