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Belize is a young country, obtaining its independence in 1981. The British interests in the region were in the logging industry and because of these they made territorial exchanges with the Spaniards and established the British Honduras in the 18th century. During this time an unsolved deal regarding a connecting road with Guatemala, brought more questions and as a result even today Guatemala, still recognizing the country considers that the South belongs to them, creating serious tensions in the region.

Belize’s population, just around 300000 people, is a mixed of Latinos and Blacks, many of them living in the South and being descendants of runaway slaves from St Vincent. At its independence the country adopted the British systems of laws and English as its main language, but nowadays there are 53% Spanish speaking people that threatened this language inheritance. Most of the country is jungle and as a logic result they try to promote it as an eco-destination but the only thing that is well associated with the country is the diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean.

St Ignatio, close to the border with Guatemala, is an interesting location to spend several days. Many outfitters organize trips around that would happen on a daily basis if the number of tourists would be larger. However, the number of tourists is relatively small and as a result the trips are expensive but still worth going and not necessarily happen every day. Caracol, the largest Maya ruin in Belize is located at 3 hours by a dirt road and is definitely worth a visit for people interested in Maya archeology.

The ATM cave, the way is named by local and agencies, is an amazing opportunity for both people interested in caves and also archeology. This cave was used by the Maya during the 800-900AD, their last years before the demise of the empire. They were doing here sacrifices to appease the Gods, the cave being filled with old vases used in the rituals and with skeletons. To reach this place you have to hike in an underground river with water reaching sometimes till your chest.

From there, you can go north to Orange Walk and take a beautiful boat ride on a river full of crocodiles and visit Lamanai, a large ruin located deep into the jungle.

After all these ruins you can relax in one of the Cayes, off shore of Belize City, in the Caribbean. One hour away of the city is located Madonna’s Isla Bonita, Caye Ambergris, whose main town, San Pedro, became overdeveloped and overpriced in recent years where you can do your shopping. But for relaxed and great time chill in the less fancy but the absolutely charming, Caye Caulker. “Go slow!”

Come and watch our travel video and you’ll never forget these places!


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2.5 hours of HD stock footage from these locations:

St Ignatio, Caracol, ATM, Orange Walk, Lamanai, Belize City, caye Ambergris, San Pedro, Caye Caulker

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