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Canary Islands


Located right on the southern tip of Morocco, 300 km in the ocean, the Canaries have a pleasant mild climate all year around. There are about 6 islands, with Grand Canaria, Tenerife and Las Palma being the most known for sun starved Brits, Germans and Swiss who are covering their beaches year around.

Tenerife has in its middle a very tall volcano, El Teide, that creates an interesting climate pattern in the island. The north is wet and cloudy and the south is dry, desert, and with perfect weather for the beach. Traditionally the population was living only in the North and occasionally they were buying plots of land in the southern desert that was completely empty to built a shack on the beach. At least this was life in Tenerife till the build up of the South started. Now all tourist attractions are all in the South, the beaches overflow and the mountains are completely covered with attached houses and apartments in a way that only on the Spain coast you can see. The resorts built in the South are literally populated by tourists with Los Christianos and Playa de las Americas being on top.

But if you are able to escape the southern resorts and you do a foray in the North you would be rewarded by a charming architecture of the old Spanish towns, La Orotava and Garichico being only two of them. The village of Masca, hanging literally on the slopes of the mountains, makes another must-destination if you are adventurous enough to drive on narrow roads that can fit only one vehicle at times.

La Gomera is another of the Canary Islands, "Patrimonio de la Humanidad", labeled as a dream by tour agencies. The entire island, volcanic also, is a collection of peaks like you would see only in Switzerland, but here combined with palm trees and cacti. In the small villages you are offered Gomeron, a grapa combined with palm honey or a barachito, a special coffee that they prepare only there. The locals preserve the tradition of communicating by whistling, a better way to make yourself understood between to far away mountains. In its middle is a national park that has a forest looking like from the time of the dinosaurs, called by the locals Luarisilva, where trees are covered by moss and is so dense that would make an amazing show of shapes by night. It is a very tranquil place, with people working the land with hoes and shovels. The entire land around communities and all over is terraced but you can see now a days lots of terraces being abandoned. Life is obviously not easy and unfortunately many youth leave the island and come to Tenerife to work in the hotel industry.

Come with us to visit these islands and you'll never forget the experience!


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