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If you drive on rain around Liechtenstein, like we did, you may easily miss that you crossed the border. Nothing separates in spirit and looks the tiny principality of its larger neighbor, Switzerland.

Furstentum Liechtenstein has its original ties with Austria, where the original dynastic family owned large tracts of lands. But as these tracts were held in fief only at the beginning of the 18th century the descendents of the family were able to purchase the area around Vaduz and established the principality. Latter following the annexation of Austria at the beginning of World War II, Liechtenstein lost part of its small territory to Czechoslovakia. As a result the tension was raised during the Cold war, the diplomatic relations being severed and citizens of Liechtenstein could not travel to Czechoslovakia. The diplomatic relation was reestablished in 2009.

The principality is ruled relatively strong handed for these days by Prince Hans Adam II, ranked as the world's sixth wealthiest leader.


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Oct 1: A day shoot at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Jul 18: Back from a two week shoot in Alaska and another week in Vancouver and Washington State's Cascades Loop and Seattle.

Apr 30: We finally returned from a longer shoot in Utah and California. We went twice and shot extensively in various parts of LA and its surroundings and in most of the Utah canyons.

Jan 23: We finalized a long due project about the Tibet culture and tradition by editing the last two videos of a 9 DVD series, about the pilgrimage around Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and Everest.

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