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Holland is an exceptional picturesque country: the windmills, its dikes, the museums, the green pastures where cows are grazing and the sense of freshness caused mainly by the constant humidity that is in the air.

Its cities are treasures of architecture, not necessarily large, but walking along their old streets and quiet canals, one can imagine how it must have been in a Dutch town, hundreds of years ago feeling sometimes like in a Vermeer painting.

Delft has a history of 750 years owning its name to the word 'delving', digging the oldest canal, the Oude Delft. The city reached its size in 1355 and it remained the same until the 19th century.

Edam, preserving an authentic 17th century look, used to be the center of Dutch cheese exports, its round shape and red color being very well known.

Hoorn is a harbor with a long seafaring tradition.

Leiden's atmosphere is mainly determined by its university founded in1575, the first in the North of Holland, as a reward for the courageous behavior showed by its citizens during the Spanish occupation. Rembrandt was born here in 1606.

Hague, the capital, has many buildings that have played various roles in history: Palace Huis ten Bosch Palace, Noordeinde, The Catshuis , the official residence of the Prime Minister,The Mauritshuis, one of the first and most beautiful examples of the Dutch classicist baroque and The Passage, the only remaining example in Holland of covered shopping streets, popular in the second half of the 19th century.

But nothing in Holland can compare with Amsterdam, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city filled with character, culture and history that have no equal in Europe. The city is extremely tolerant and hospitable; all the cultures of the world finding here a haven, a sign of it being the international cuisine widespread around the city.

Its history started at the beginning of the 14th century its economy being based on beer and herring. The magnificent network of canals was set out in the 17th century. Along the canals, which crisscross the city, were built houses unusual tall for any Dutch town but their construction was encouraged by the local authorities that considered that these buildings would bring prestige to the city. Together came the construction of the two main churches, the Zuiderkerk and Westerkerk, the South and West churches.
The city is a treasure of cultural places, places to stroll and enjoy, its main museums, Rijks and Van Gogh being only the best known by the world in general.

But more than architecture and culture, what strikes you in Amsterdam is the people's relaxed attitude. It is such a different attitude than the one you will encounter anywhere else in Europe. Amsterdam is a city where the fuss that you see all over Europe is regarded as undignified. Maybe, here is its best connection with the city of New Amsterdam founded by the Dutch in the New World, which became after changing hands, New York. Exactly like in New York you have the feeling that "everything goes", and all the practices that may be looked with a frown in conservatives societies, here, are just regarded as "a matter of fact".

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