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Feb 21: Back from the India shoot. We shot in Nasik, one of the four Khumb Mela places, in Shirdi where is the samadhi place of Sai Baba, in the Ellora and Ajanta caves, in Augarabad at the "poor man Taj Mahal" and in Pune. From there we went shot for two full days in Hampi, the old capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in Karnataka ending around the churches, the Hindu temples and the beaches of the old Portuguese colony of Goa.

Feb 7: Left for a two week shoot in India around Mumbai, Hampi and Goa.

Oct 1: One day shoot at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. We tried for several years to match a travel in Europe with this event but it somehow never happened. Till now. Great footage...and beer.

July 18: We returned from a shoot in Alaska. We shot in Anchorage and Faibanks, in Denali National park, Valdez and the Kenai peninsula, Homer and Seward. From Alaska we flew to Vancouver for a couple of days and we shot several days on the Cascades loop and in Seattle in Washington State.

Apr 30, 2017: We finally returned form an extensive shoot in Utah and California. We went twice and shot extensively in various parts of LA and its surroundings, in Downtown LA, Venice, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Watts and Simi Vally and in most of the Utah canyons, among which Canyonlands' "Island in the Sky" and "Needles", Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park, Goblin State Park, Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon, again in Peekaboo and Spooky in Escalante, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion's Angel Landing. Also we took a detour on Route 66 coming from Las Vegas to California, through Kingman and Oatman, AZ going through Dagget and Baghdad, CA to Elmer Bottle Tree Ranch and Victorville.

Jan 23, 2017: We finalized a long due project about the Tibet culture and tradition by editing the last two videos of the 9 DVD series, about the pilgrimage around Mount Kailash, and to Lake Manasarovar and Everest. Besides these two videos, the series contain five DVDs about the spectacular and intense religious tradition of Lhasa with its mysterious monasteries and palaces and two DVDs about the two main cities in the province of Tsang: Shigatse with its intrigue ridden monastery of Tashilhumpo and Gyantse with its spellbinding Kumbum.

Aug 31: We left for a shooting session in Transylvania, Romania, a place rich in history and untainted monuments. We stopped for a short while at the Monastery of Curtea de Arges, the mausoleum of the Romanian monarchs and continued crossing the Fagaras mountain, on the spectacular Transfagarasan road, descending into Transylvania. We shot in several old Saxon towns, the old fortified towns of Sibiu-Hermannstadt, Sighisoara-Schasburg, Medias-Mediasch and Brasov-Kronstadt with stops on smaller towns with fortified churches of Viscri, Saschiz. We ended up the tour with a long hike on the top of the Bucegi plateau on the Prahova valley.

Jul 8: FlyingMonk published its first book about the fascinating world of travel. "Cartea Povestilor Uitate", published for the moment only in Romanian, is retelling stories of travel adventures and experiences that we had in many years in many parts of the world. From religious pilgrimages in Tibet on the Himalaya heights to the surrealist landscape of the American south-west; from the Peruvian altiplano that Inca used to build their empire to the Kuna Indians forgotten on the Caribbean’s atolls or the ones from the Embera tribes living their life as the way they were born on Chagres River; from an India frozen in time to a museum-like Cuba, impeccably preserved by the American embargo. Most of these experiences delved in a world outside of the beaten path, little exposed to the tourist routes. But the described experiences are not related only to the places and people we visited but describe also the shock of the westerner less exposed to vary ways of life so different from the world in which he regularly  lives.

Jun 12: FlyingMonk attended the ACSIL Archival footage conference organized this year in St George Hotel in New York.

Jun 5: FlyingMonk attended Optic 2016 Travel, Outdoor and Wildlife Conference organized for four days in New York by B&H and Lindblad Expeditions. We joined the National Geographic magazine photographers in a shoot on a cruise boat around Manhattan at sunset and another in the northern part of Central Park.

May 30: Shooting session in Cape Cod, MA. We shot for four days in lower and upper Cape, in kayaks and bikes or beautiful sunsets.

Apr 30: The annual visit in Las Vegas for the NAB was combined this year with a more extensive shoot in Los Angeles and in Arizona. We shot in Los Angeles downtown, in Griffith Park, Westwood, Santa Monica and Malibu. Back through Vegas, we continued the shoot in Southern Arizona.

Mar 9, 2016: We planned for this year another shoot in Cuba before the major changes will come. So we shot Cuba's Oriente this time in Santiago, Baracoa and Camaguey, stopping on the way to Havana in Caye Guillermo's Playa Pillar, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Playa Larga and Matanza. In Havana we shot an entire city tour and in many others places in 4K. We also shot in Mexico in Cancun, Chichen Itza, Valladolid and Cenote Suypal.

Oct 22: We started our European fall shoot with a 4k session in Amsterdam

Aug 30: We are back from a 12 days Canada shoot in Quebec and Gaspesie peninsula. We shot in Quebec City, Charlevoix, Cote Nord and Gaspesie, in Forillon, Gaspe and Perce. All in HD and 4k

Jul 20: Just returned from the first 4k shoot in Eastern Europe. We shot for the first time 4k in a longer session in Bucharest, Romania. Still unclear how much real need is beyond the hype and the its possible archival value.

Jun 18: Hard to decide: we finally added an albums of frames from New York City. We continuously shoot in the city and the collection is in permanent flux. So what you add to be significant for RF footage but not to contain people? Hard to figure out.

June 1: FlyingMonk added a brand new line of products: client logo-ed pre-edited sequences from various destinations around the world.

May 15: Everything mobile! In order to comply with the mobile market we re-encoded most of our content to be visible on iDevices. Now all our clips can be viewed on a mobile device.

Apr 29: FlyingMonk participated in ACSIL footage expo in New York organized by Visual Connections

Apr 24: We shot for two days in the Pittsburgh area, a place where we did not go since the 90s.

Apr 14: Back from a two weeks shoot in California and Nevada; Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Yosemite, San Diego, Anza Borego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We revisited these places and augmented the collection of clips that we already had from these places

Mar 18: Just back from an exciting shoot in Cuba and Mexico. We posted 6 albums of frames from Cuba from Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Santo Spiriti and Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Varadero and two albums of People and Cars

Jan 24, 2015: Back from Cyprus we posted four albums with frames from the shoot in Larnaca, Nicosia, Paphos and Troodos Massif

Dec 10: We left for a shoot in Cyprus. Details to come in the blog.

Nov 22: At the Footage Marketplace trade show in New York we had discussions with various vendors among which Getty images that showed a keen interest in our footage and still collections.

Oct 22: FlyingMonk participated at the Visual Communications trade show in New York.

Sep 25: We published several albums of frames from the shoot in Romania's Black Sea, the muddy volcanoes, Buzau Mountains, and we updated the already exiting album of frames from Brasov, Bran and Bucharest

Aug 9: We left for a longer shoot in Romania, trying to cover several less known parts of this country. We shot many times in Romania that offers amazing landscape and locations, a country preserved in its pristine beauty by a slower pace of modernization. Details on the blog

Jul 15: We finished the editing of a pitch for a very interesting TV show. We worked for a while at the concept of this new show and we hope that we were able to nail a very intense and interesting narrative. Details to come...

Apr 27: We posted two albums with frames from the shoot in Coyote Butte and Grand Staircase-Escalante, UT and we grouped all the other Utah parks in a separate album

Apr 15: Just returned from our yearly NAB trip in the world of broadcast/post technology. Like every year since I started to attend the convention in Las Vegas I took a week and stayed in and around Escalante, UT to shoot in the slot canyons of this amazingly beautiful area. After a day trip in the South Coyote Butte of Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs I moved to Utah and explored the slot canyons in the heart of the Grand Staircase-Escalante, Peekaboo, Spooky, Brimstone and Zebra, the canyons of Skutumpah Road, the Burr Trail continuing in Capitol Reef and back to Escalante for the other amazing Calf Creek Falls trails close to the town.

Mar 31: Back in New York we published a video and 5 albums of frames from the shoot in Panama

Feb 27: We left for a two weeks shoot in Panama during the time of the carnival, the best carnival of Central America. Check our live blog.

Jan 15: We finally made the effort to edit a video with clips from the shoots we did in Germany in the last 5 years. We never went in Germany and spent time for a longer shoot but somehow we always had flights lay over there and spend 1-2 days in different parts of the country. So we posted the video and a new album with frames from the short shoot in Munich

Jan 12: We returned from the shoot we usually do in Europe around the winter holidays. We shot in Malta and Gozo on various sights and the celebrations for the New Year. We posted a video and two albums with frames from the shoot.

Dec 6: We left for our yearly winter holiday shoot in Central and Eastern Europe. We did this for the last many years to capture the spirit of the holidays. This time we will do a special in the island of Malta.

Nov 10: We launched the last two DVDs in our Tibet series that bring it to a final total of 9 DVDs. These DVDs are about the towns of Shigatse with its famous Tashihunpo monastery and the story related to the appointment of the last Panchen Lama and about Gyantse a town that has in its middle the Kumbum, whose name in Tibetan means 10000 images that for sure does not deceive being full of painted and sculpted deities.

Nov 2: We finally were able to take a tour of the Pollepel Island and shot close ups to the Bannerman Castle in the spectacular fall landscape of the Hudson Valley. The Castle is seriously ruined and hopefully restoration would start this November. After the tour we took a hike and shot from the top of Breakneck Ridge, one of the most serious hikes on the Hudson.

Oct 25: We shot in Queens for a new documentary that is still work in progress.

Sep 29: Dumbo Art Festival was as usual the most creative and funky art festival in New York. This year there were remarkable events with international participation. We shot for two days the street events.

Sep 4: We finally were able to update our search engine. It searches now on an extended database of frames displaying a report with shadowbox

Aug 11: We went for a quick shoot on the incredibly beautiful Maine Atlantic Coast, south of Portland. We shot in Portland and futher in Kennebunkport, Ougunquit and York.

Aug 9: We posted 8 albums with frames from the shoots in Italy and Germany done in July; one frame album from Germany's Bavarian Castles of Hochenswangau and Neuschwanstein, the Italian Tirol and Dolomites, Verona, Umbria and Milan

July 20: Just back from the shoot in Europe. Fantastic footage of the Dolomite peaks of Italy's South Tirol, the rolling hills of Umbria and impressive buildings of Milan and the Certosa din Pavia. We went shortly to Germany and shot in the South Bavaria's castles of King Ludwig and in Innsbruck, Austria. But we had to go again this time for just a short weekend of shoots in Cape Ann, MA in the charming towns of Rockport and Gloucester with a quick foray in Portsmouth, NH

June 15: Back on the road to shoot in Eastern and Central Europe. We intend to shoot in Romania and Italy with some forays in the neighboring countries.

May 28: After numerous visits in the South West, USA to most of the national parks and canyons, we created a new video clip to show these new shoot locations.

May 10: We posted 12 albums of frames from the shoots in Southern India states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu the result of about 2 weeks exploration of the area. We also uploaded a new page with a short demo clip of Sri Lanka where we spent another 2 weeks covering the entire country.

Apr 3: We shot in the world renown "The Wave" in Coyote Butte, Vermillion Cliffs, UT by the sheer luck of winning the permit lottery.  I still cannot believe it! We visited and shot also in several other parks in the South West, USA: Kodachrome State Park, Pipe Spring National Monument, Buckskin Gulch in Vermillion Cliffs, in Grande Staircase-Escalante, UT Cottonwood Canyons ending our tour among the Hopis, in the heart of the Indian Land in Arizona. Check our blog for more details!

Feb 28: We shoot for a month in the entire Sri Lanka. We covered the Cultural Triangle, Anuradaphura, Mihintale, Pollonaruwa, Aukana, Sigiriya and Dambulla ending it in Kandy.  We have footage from the night pilgrimage of Adam's Peak, the highest peak in Sri Lanka and from Ella, one of the hill stations surrounded by tea plantations. We shot in Yala National Park, the best safari park in Sri Lanka where elephants are roaming just feet from your jeep and moved latter to the beautiful and relaxed beaches and towns of the Southern Coast of the island.

Further we flew to Southern India in Trivandrum and we traveled and shot in Kerala, from Kanyakumari, to Kovalam , Varkhala and eventually Cochin with footage from the famous ferry ride between Kolan and Allapuzha. Before crossing in Tamil Nadu we were fortunate to shoot the tea picking women in Munnar hill station. In Tamil Nadu we concentrated on the famous Hindu temple built in Dravidian architecture style from Madurai, Tanjavur (Tanjore), Trichy' Rock Temple and Sri Raganathaswami Temple moving further to a taste of French culture in Pondicherry and climbing Mount Arunachala in the Ramana Maharishi's city of Tiruvannamalai. From there we continued to the Golden temple of Vellore, to the money termple of Tirumala ending the tour in the fourth largest city of India Chennai. Check our blog for details!

Jan 4:  We are launching today a five video series, part of the Exotic Destination series, about Lhasa and its secluded monasteries. Check our store to see short clips from each of these episodes. The five episodes are covering in depth the most important spiritual locations inside or around Lhasa. Starting with the most venerated temple in the entire Tibet, Jokhang, with its amazing Barkhor where the movement of pilgrims is unstoppable we move to Drepung and Sera, the most important monasteries of the city ending with a visit at Nechung, the seat of the Tibet oracle. In the third video we visit Ganden, the seat of the Gelupka, the Yellow-Hats school of Tibetan Buddhism and to Sakia, the legendary monastery that played such an important role in the history of Tibet. Further we visit Lhasa’s magnificent palaces, Potala and Norbulingka and the Tibetan Medical College ending in the last episode with a tour around the charming streets and alleys of the Tibetan Quarter full of temples and nunneries.

Dec 27 - Jan 2: We shot in Rome, Italy and the Vatican for the New Year celebration. Rome never stops amazing you no matter how many times you went there. The streets were full of life, lots of explosions, fireworks and champagne. We had the chance to be at the Vatican and watch the Pope just few feet away from us saluting the crowd on the New Year's eve.

Nov 5: Hurricane Sandy was quite an experience. We lost power and operated for a week only from our car charged mobile devices. Three days after the storm we were able to go and shoot in Lower Manhattan during day and latter during the night. It was one of the most eerie experience we ever had.

Oct 24: We shot in the Shawangunk Ridge in the Mohonk Preserve, probably the best place for rock climbing on the East Coast. We shot while climbing the Labyrinth in a picture perfect day of the New England Fall.

Sep 17: We shot at the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The police presence was more impressive than the protesters' marches and rallies.

Aug 27: Finally we launched a 25 minutes travel video about Burma. Check our store to see a short clip of the travel video. It takes the viewer to the temples of Bagan, the minorities of Innle Lake in the Shan States, to Mandalay and its surrounding imperial cities, the hanging rock of Kyaktiko and the spellbinding Shwedagon Paya in Rangoon,Yangon.

Aug 15: We finally were able to post all the shooting frame albums and short videos from the destinations where we shot in this summer shooting session: Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina. The shooting plan proved to be way more ambitious than the time we had so we limited ourselves to the countries close to the Adriatic eliminating Serbia and Hungary. Next time...

Jun 15: We started a shooting session in Europe. This summer we will focus on the Balkans and around. We started with a short shoot in Dublin, Ireland and continue to Bucharest, Romania. Latter we will fly to Vienna and from there we will shoot in Budapest, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. Just check our blog to see what is going on.

May 15: We posted 11 location shooting frames sets from the West and South West USA shot in the Spring of 2011 and 2012. It comprises of more than 6 hours of footage from this area. Check the USA page for watching the flash albums.

Apr 18-22: We shot on Route 66's towns in Arizona, in Flagstaff, Winslow, Hollbroke and beyond before immersing ourselves in the pueblo life. We shot again in Gallup, NM, Zuni Pueblo, NM, Window Rock, St Michaels and Ganado, AZ. After that we started on the Hopi Route visiting the three Hopi mesas. Latter, from Tuba City, AZ we shot in the Navajo National Monument, AZ,  Hovenweep, UT and Monument Valley, UT. We ended out shooting session around Page, AZ Horse Shoe Bend and in the Vermillion Cliffs.

Apr 14-17: Spent some time on the floor at the NAB convention in Las Vegas being amazed to see how top technologies are becoming commodity. Nothing really impressive beside Sony amazing OLED monitors and the demo glass free 3D. In rest only the extreme price drops. The future of the TV is on the desktop and this is becoming so obvious at the NAB also.

Apr 7-14: The planned shooting session in California's Sierra Nevada National Parks was changed on the go because of the rain/snow storms. We started in the Bay area, we skipped Yosemite were snow fell for 4 days in a row and we shot and hiked in Sequoia National Park. from there the rain chased us to Joshua Tree National park and Palm Springs and further to the amazing Kelso Dunes in Mojave Preserve before reaching Las Vegas for the NAB 2012.

Mar 12: FlyingMonk is proud to announce a collaboration agreement with Strawberry Media that will exclusively represent our stock travel footage and images archive. Strawberry Media specializes in delivering high quality video on behalf of its content partners, including the exquisite destination archive of Flying Monk and the 30 year television archive of the UK's Channel Four network. Strawberry is a start-up company founded by CEO Dan Moody and footage executive Dominic Dare. It supplies clips in the television and film production, education and advertising markets in North America and worldwide.

Feb 9: The Giants win in the Super Bowl was celebrated with a parade in downtown NYC (see blog). Explosions of confetti and paper ribbons that flooded the streets, a joyful celebrations for fans but also for tourists.

Jan 29: The Chinese New Year is an amazing display of color. Mainly red but still.....We shot in the parade, less planned but a good scouting for the next year.

Jan 10: Posted a new Canary Islands page with a video clip, two photo albums from Tenerife and La Gomera and blog

Jan 9: Check out the new look of our blog:

Jan 1, 2012: Happy New Year! We spent the New Year in Los Christianos. Tenerife in a grand street party in front of the church with hundreds of Spaniards and other nationals that swarmed the streets and the square in an incessant dance.

Dec 28: We needed some sun so we hit for 4 days in Tenerife in Canary Islands. Great place to visit! Shot about 3 hours in two islands, Tenerife and La Gomera.

Dec 20: We posted the blogs from the Danube Delta and some photos. We shot about 2 hours in dire conditions of fog and dampness. It sucks to be in winter on the boat in fog and not being able to find your way....

Dec 13: We came in Romania to shoot in the winter in the Danube Delta. A very unusual setting, the Delta being a tourism paradise in summer. Now there were no tourists and the hotels were deserted. We shot in Sulina, Caraorman and Letea and a little bit on the inside lakes in deep fog, nature, fishermen and villagers cutting the reed. At one point we drove the boat for more than an hour on the lake to find its exit. We thought that we would sleep on the boat in fog and rain. In  Letea are probably the tallest sand dunes in Romania in a barren landscape miraculously preserved.

Oct 15: We launched two new blogs outside of our website. The first is that links back to the FlyingMonk site's travel blog but it is the active blog when we are away shooting. The second blog is and it has beside news about our happenings all sort of other things of interest related to current events and points of view. And obviously lots of photos.....

Oct 13: We started a marketing campaign to spread the word about our new website and we got a better than expected results. I guess that people love travel....

Oct 1, 2011: We launched our new website!!!

Sep 22, 2011: Finally after several months of intense work we are ready to launch the new website.

Sep 13, 2011: We just returned from Bermuda. Really nice place! We shot about 3 hours of footage using for the first time the new Canon XF cameras We also shot about 500 images.

July 22, 2011: We took over where we left in the winter and started to work seriously on the design of the new website. It will look and work great, I am sure of that!

July 20, 2011: We shot about 9 hours and took about 1000 images in Switzerland this summer. Really great weather! We expected lots of rain and we barely had one day of rain in the entire two weeks travel. The Alps are impressive and they are the highlight of the shooting session. The cities are OK but some are really dour.

Apr 12, 2011: Shooting session in Las Vegas for the promo and opening of the MTV show "Real World Las Vegas Reunion". The package was put together by

Apr 25, 2011: New Mexico is an absolutely amazing place. We shot in the Santa Fe, Indian Villages, Bandelier, Chaco Canyon and Pueblo Bonito, etc. We returned to Antelope Canyon and shot in the Upper Canyon but the experience was marred by the large number of visitors, The photography tour is definitely not such a pleasant experience as in the Lower Canyon where we shot last year.

Oct 2010: We started to work on redesigning the website. It is for long time due but did not have to much time to concentrate on it. Since we launched FlyingMonk in 2000 many things changed in the web design. We started at the time with maybe a hundred images and one video and from there the website grew "organically" to close to 100 video and about 20000 images.

Sep 20, 2010: We shot about 3 hours of stock travel footage from Chincoteague, VA and Assategue, MD. Horses and such! Inspiring place. Like Cape Cod but not so snotty. Crossing from Cape May, New Jersey to Delaware is such a nice trip.

July 30, 2010: We decided, after pondering with this issue for many years, to go and shoot in Scandinavia. We started in Denmark and planned to go as far as we could in Norway. From US Europe looks small but when you have to drive you realize that is not so small and driving took a longer than expected time. We shot stock travel footage mainly in Norway but with several days of shoot in Sweden and Denmark.

March 2010: A dream come true. Going in India for Khumba Mela can be the dream of any photographer. I doubt that is in the world a place where subjects abound like here. We shot tock travel footage from Kumbha Mela in Haridwar and we continued to Delhi, Gwalior, Orcha, Khajuraho, Allahabad, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath. We ended our travel shooting session in Benares-Varanasi-Kashi a place that you can imagine only if you see it. But you still may not understand it.....

July 2009: Portugal is a great country. We loved every moment of our travel shooting sessions. A country full of interesting sights, with various type of visits, with amiable people and great food and wine. And besides all Fado.

July 2009: The Romanian Danube Delta is probably one of the most interesting places in Europe. So remote and undeveloped, the Delta is an oasis of old world in a fast changing Europe. Visit till it does not change. I was before twice in the Delta during the communist time and in most of the places the only things changed are the boat engines, from Vostok to Johnson showing the geopolitical game... Wild horses, remote villages, canals, birds and a quietude that you won't encounter in many other places.