FlyingMonk Films licenses edited sequences from various destinations around the world for an entire range of projects created from our extensive footage library.

This line of products is oriented towards businesses that need travel content to improve the quality of their websites, to create content for a YouTube channel or their multimedia presentations. 
The sequences may have a cultural approach or may be tourist oriented but they are formatted to show specific destinations, countries, cities, regions, or places of interest like museums, villas, national parks, archeological areas, religious places, etc.

The sequences offered on this part of our website are assembled together as a string of "cuts" with no transitions and can be purchased "as is" or we may customize them per client's request, adding to them graphics, music and/or either narration or lower third bullet points written by us or provided by the client.

Our list of clients includes a number of travel agencies, web portals, tour companies, etc.

Mouse-over and click on the map for demo clips.

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