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From Puno, the city on the lake of lake Titicaca, a bus brings you to the “frontera”. Right after you cross into Bolivia you are already surrounded by boletas of the Aymaras that flock the mercado from Copacabana, the first town after the border, with its white overlooking the square. From there the road that used to be unpaved was bringing you over the Tiquina strait, to La Paz. At 4000 meters altitude, towered by Illimani, La Paz is one of the highest capital in the world, boasting the longest airport runway to compensate for the rarefied air. And this is the first thing that you feel here where walking especially uphill becomes a real feat. The city is built around a long avenue and is rising on the surrounding hill from it in such a way that you have to walk up everywhere you may go. Besides an abundance of churches caracteristic for an ols Spanish colony, the city has a vibrant Mercado that has at its heart the most unsual one, The Witch market-Mercado de las Brujas. But close to La Paz is one of the most important archeological ruin of the Preincas, Tiahuanaco, with its mysterios semi subteran temple, Viracocha, The bearded God and the Sun Gate. A visit in La Paz would not be complete without a quick tour to a bad lands area around, named Vale de la Luna.

Come with us and see an interesting travel video about this mysterious land and you will never forget these places.


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Feb 7: Left for a two week shoot in India around Mumbai, Hampi and Goa.

Oct 1: A day shoot at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Jul 18: Back from a two week shoot in Alaska and another week in Vancouver and Washington State's Cascades Loop and Seattle.

Apr 30: We finally returned from a longer shoot in Utah and California. We went twice and shot extensively in various parts of LA and its surroundings and in most of the Utah canyons.

Jan 23: We finalized a long due project about the Tibet culture and tradition by editing the last two videos of a 9 DVD series, about the pilgrimage around Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and Everest.

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45 minutes of SD footage from these locations:

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